Entry #4


2013-03-04 13:38:10 by tomthinks

I just finished the first episode of a new animated series called Cousins. I posted it on Youtube, and I'm thinking of posting it here. What do you think?




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2013-03-05 13:07:06

NG can withstand everything. Even if the entire Brony nation, plus 4Chan, plus Obama plus some FBI dudes all gone up on the baby, she would resist.

So yeah. Don't be afraid to post your (quite good I should say) video there. It's a great place, in some ways better than YT. At least here flame wars in the comments happen less often.

tomthinks responds:

Thanks for the encouragement! I'll post it soon.


2013-10-23 21:30:13

You're a quality artist! Id love to see more of you on this site! Post your stuff!