2009 Submissions

2001 Submissions

Maynard 2 Maynard 2 Rated Stars Maynard snowboards, unicycles, and laughs Maynard 4! Maynard 4! Rated Stars Maynard, but as 4 The Other Box The Other Box Rated Stars It's the other box Uniplank Uniplank Rated Stars Uniplank, a plank that has a wheel. Garbage Garbage Rated Stars Garbage Fun G2 G2 Rated Stars Be careful, this might hurt... Green Thing Green Thing Rated Stars Art That Moves The Shoe That Grew Feet The Shoe That Grew Feet Rated Stars A very talented shoe grows feet and is faced with problems while walking on rocks. Maynard 1 Maynard 1 Rated Stars Very primitive animation of simple minded Maynard. Maynard 3 Maynard 3 Rated Stars Simple Animation of a Simple Little Man amused way too easily. Comedy - Original Skateboarding, and a cop. Skateboarding, and a cop. Rated Stars Skateboarding toon. A cop tells the kid off, but the dude umm... you'll see. Less Than Nonsense 1 Less Than Nonsense 1 Rated Stars The very first Less Than Nonsense.. quite strange.. but they've gotten better. Mentally Disturbed Hotdog Mentally Disturbed Hotdog Rated Stars We look into the mind of a mentally disturbed hotdog. Adventures In Soupman! Adventures In Soupman! Rated Stars Really goofy short. It's kind of corny too. Growing Up Growing Up Rated Stars An exaggerated look at the complications of growing up. My Teacher Is A Psycho My Teacher Is A Psycho Rated Stars Psychotic teacher(that does exist) goes too far and burns for it. Fly Fly Rated Stars A fly lands on a bone-head's face and is sucked into stupidness. Less Than Nonsense 2 Less Than Nonsense 2 Rated Stars Psychotic character named Jaba performs his greatest talents. Less Than Nonsense 3 Less Than Nonsense 3 Rated Stars A weird character made of a stick, a book of poe, a bone, and a carrot entertains himself. Comedy - Original