wow, no ads

2013-02-06 18:05:32 by tomthinks

I just became a Supporter. It's sorta eerie being on NG without ads.


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2013-02-06 21:40:26

Good for you mate, it might seem weird but its great that you're helping newgrounds continue doing what they do best, as soon as I get a chance I'll support too :)

tomthinks responds:

Yeah man, you'll help someday, I know it.


2013-02-07 15:29:50

You Cried Me is still an awesome piece of work! What have you been up to nowadays?

tomthinks responds:

Thanks Tom! Nowadays I work full-time for an e-card company, animating and illustrating e-cards. It's a fun job, and I work with fun people, but I'm more passionate about my own art/animation, so I do that whenever I can. Art school left me $100K in debt, so I gotsta work, but so far that hasn't been an issue! I'm currently developing my own animated series. It's called "Cousins."